My Vision Board

"I make music because I love it. I wish to use this to help others."

"I create music because I love it. I wish to use this to help others."

"I make music simply because I love it. 
I wish to use my passion to help others." 

Who am I: 

I started music producing in 2018. I do it because I love music and need a creative outlet. I am very fortunate to have two lines of work outside of this field, which supports me and this hobby/passion of mine. I don't need to worry if the music is bringing in anything; therefore I play and produce whatever music comes to my heart and mind.


I wish to use my music to help the under-served community- primarily extreme poverty and war stricken kids in 3rd world countries. Don't ask me why but I just have a lot of empathy for those innocent children! I would feel awful and useless at the end of my life if I didn't help in some way. I wish to see more kindness on this earth, and more and more positive changes in humanity, so I'm doing it.

100% of the sales of all of my music goes to carefully selected Charities that protect the world's most vulnerable children. 

I get inspired everywhere, but mostly from photographers taking real life photos of what's happening on the other side of the world. 


Some Personal memories


I'd love to play at your event, should you kindly make a generous donation for my time to the charity of my choice. 

Please contact me!

Upcoming Events:

I'll be performing Christmas songs at the Ritz Carlton, Tyson's Corner on December 13th, 2019