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Who am I: 

I started music producing in 2018. I do it because I love music and need a creative outlet. I am very fortunate to have two lines of work outside of this field, which supports me and this hobby/passion of mine. I don't need to worry if the music is bringing in anything; therefore I play and produce whatever music comes to my heart and mind.


I wish to use my music to help the under-served community- primarily extreme poverty and war stricken kids in 3rd world countries. Don't ask me why but I just have a lot of empathy for those innocent children! I would feel awful and useless at the end of my life if I didn't help in some way. I wish to see more kindness on this earth, and more and more positive changes in humanity, so I'm doing it.

Below are few of my works, if you like the sound, please be generous and drop some $$- you name your price. All of the funds goes to charity and will encourage me to keep doing what I love and help the world.  

My inspirations:


I have explored producing in many different genres such as pop, classical, rock, hiphop, jazz, house, gaming and anime music. Favorite genre is anime music <3. A forte of mine is I play everything by ear. Fluent in piano, and have experience with guitar, strings, harp, harmonica, clairnet, and the drums. 


- Just bought a really cute Ukulele! 

- into Muse 



To collaborate or book me for an event, please contact me!


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